Focus Series on Challenges in Granular Matter

Granular (or particulate) matter encompases a wide range of many-body systems for which the interacting bodies are macroscopic particles: sand, cereals, beans, soil, powders, etc. These grains interact collectively via nonconservative forces such as friction and internal dissipation providing myriad emerging phenomena still poorly understood by physicists, chemists, and engineers.

This Focus Series brings together a number of contributions that frame some of the most important challenges ahead in the area of granular matter. Each paper focuses on describing an unsolved problem that is important for the community to tackle, and proposes routes to solutions. We expect this Focus Series will help shape the research in this area for years to come, and particularly invite early and mid-career researchers to participate in highlighting what they see as the most interesting challenges ahead.

Guest Editors

Karen Daniels
Karen Daniels

North Carolina State University, USA

Gabriela Nicora
Luis Pugnaloni

Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, Argentina

Jidong Zhao
Jidong Zhao

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong